How to upload a recorded game

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How to upload a recorded game Empty How to upload a recorded game

Post  Olof on Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:33 pm

To upload a recorded game at the forum you need to do these two steps:

1. Find a Internet site that can store your file.

There are a couple of Internet sites that will offer you this favor for free, like for example www.box.net

2. Write the url (internet adress) to the file in your post.

You could write the whole URL in Your post, and reader can later copy it and paste it in her window adress bar. But it would look much better if you pasted the URL inside a BBCode like this:

[*url=http://cobl.forumotion.com/post.forum?mode=newtopic&f=4]The name of the file here[/url]

*=remove this star when you paste the code

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