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The Byzantines Empty The Byzantines

Post  Olof on Wed Aug 18, 2010 2:06 pm

The Byzantines

Unique Unit: Cataphract

1. Team Bonus: Monks 3X heal speed.
2. Buildings have a litle more HP.
3. Camels, skirmishers and Pikemen a bit cheaper.
4. Fire ships +20% attack
5. Advancing to Imperial a bit cheaper.


1. They have not the Blast Furnace upgrade (+2 attack to infantry and cavalry).
2. They have not the Bloodlines upgrade (+20 HP to cavalry)
3. They have no Siege Onagers or Heavy Scorpions.
4. They have not the Siege Engineers upgrade (+1 range to siege)

My opinion about this civilization
The Byzantines is a difficult civilization in my opinion, and a bad chose if you want to go for Imperial fights. Their lack of good infantry, cavalry, and siege units make them quite limited.

Their only "good" units is the arbalests, Hand Cannoners and Cathapracts. The Cathapracts is a good all-round units that defeat most units - but making them have three sad disadvantages:
1. The Cathapracts is a UU (Unique Unit) that can only be built at Castles.
2. They are quite expensive (75 gold/unit, upgrade cost 1600 food and 800 gold)
3. They have no good pierce armor. A bunch of upgraded archers will do serious damage to Cathapracts, and so will Town Centers and Castles.

I would only make the Catapracts if I happen to have large amounts of gold, and are threatened by crowds of Champions (or other heavy infantry). But in most cases will the arbalests deal with the infantry, so they are not really needed.

Good aggressive unit combinations:

Castle Age :
20x Pikemen _______________________ to take out cavalry
20x Cavalry Archers ________________ to take out infantry and for raiding
10x Cathapracts ___________________ to take out infantry, siege, and for raiding
5x Onagers and Rams _______________ to take out archers and buildings.

Imperial Age:

30 Halberdiers _________________ to take out cavalry
30 Arbalests __________________ to take out infantry
10 Bombard Canons _____________ to take out siege and buildings.
10 Hussars ____________________ to raid and against siege

Unit cost: mostly wood & gold.

With this tactic you must use your Bombard Canons well, since they are vulnerable, and their back-up units, the halberidiers, are not fast. If you think you will be meeting Onagers or Heavy scorpions then you better bring some Bombard Canons and Hussars.

v2. (Gold expensive)
40x Elite Cathapracts ___________ vs infantry, cavalry, siege and for raiding
20x Hand Cannoners ____________ to take out infantry
10x Bombard Canons ____________ to take out archers siege & buildings
2x Onagers ____________________ to take out archers.

Unit costs: mostly food and a lot of gold!

This tactic are built more on the Cathapracts, so make sure to build castles early. The Cathapracts are good all-round units but be careful they are an easy target if clustered together and are meeting siege, or facing crowds of archers. Therefor keep your Onagers and bombard Canons close if you expect heavy battles.

/This is my thought about Byzantines, feel free to comment if you think I have wrong.

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The Byzantines Empty Re: The Byzantines

Post  patriot on Wed Aug 18, 2010 6:49 pm

the most important Buz bonus is vs infantry, only Buz horses can kill infantry like pikemans Very Happy

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