Sharing my hotkeys

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Sharing my hotkeys

Post  _LM_ on Tue Sep 07, 2010 3:20 pm

Hey guys... this is my hotkey map...

it's in portuguese but i guess u can understand...
i spend 1 hour combinating it i use this by 1 year maybe and no problems...
i made this map for some of my neighbours, but they don't like AOC so much 11

hope u understand, and if u don't, feel free to ask...



Go Military buildings: A S D F G
Build Military buildings: N M , . _
TC, Dock: H J
Unit recruiting: Q W E R
Farm: B+B
House: V+V
Vills and Fishing: C
Garrison: \ unload: TAB
Camps (wood, mill, mining)(order):Z X C (when u want to go for it CTRL + "letter")
Market: Ç (not used so much) dock: º

Default: U univ. Y monastery

Adapted for QWERTY keyboards Very Happy

see you in game COBLers

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