Inspired by Patriot(Maxep)

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Inspired by Patriot(Maxep) Empty Inspired by Patriot(Maxep)

Post  _LM_ on Fri Sep 17, 2010 5:45 pm

I was playing on GR for my second time, Patriot(Maxep), call me for a game and said u gotta win, i belive you will win... he's just 13++... Well, i'm just 15++, but i was very very tired, sad, and sleepy... he implored, so i went...

I tried my best and i won game, in final, patriot(Maxep) said: He's 16++
It was a good lesson for me, maxep is a great guy...
I win a 16++ thinking he's 13++, so, here's a advice from maxep: "If you really really belive, u can!" and no panic... this also made wonders in my game...

Maxep resigns at beggining and i was just playing with 16++, here's rec:

Download at rapidshare

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