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Post  patriot on Tue Mar 09, 2010 8:46 pm

Simple but effective archer flush

I don't know if anyone is interested but I have a pretty good build order for a fast but effective Briton archer flush (about 9:20 in perfect circumstances but realistically 9:40)

* 6 Sheep
* 1 builds lumber camp goes wood
* 3 wood at lumber camp
* 1 lures boar
* 6 into sheep. Their should be one sheep half eaten that the boar lurers where on that you go onto before a new one. Also lure the second boar when you need to (about 120 food left in it)
* 1 builds a barracks then goes to gold and builds a mine
* 2 to gold
* Hit Loom

-Click Feudal-

At this point the food on your boar/sheep should be finishing/finished

* 6 from the boar go to wood
* 5 on the sheep go to berries and build a mill
* 2 build a house then move to where you want your archeries

If there is a lot of boar left then take half your guys off early or you wont have enough wood to get your archeries up quick enough to make use of your fast time


Build 2 archeries and start pumping archers, the build should give you about 6 before the first M@A appears or give you a good amount to attack before the standard 12 min time. ASAP start mixing in skirms with your archers or just 2 skirms can take you out. I also build 1 pikemen or scouts can prove a bit of a problem.

I normally do 3 onto berries then 6 on wood then either farms or deer.

A few obvious concerns are the lack of quick upgrades however this should hurt a standard M@A rush quite a lot (although that remains to be seen).

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