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Keywords: Age of Empires II Age of Kings AOEII AOE2 Conquerors Hotkey
Hotkeys Keyboard Shortcut Shortcuts

because using hot keys is very important for gaming perfomance here is list of all h-k

Unit Commands

· Attack Ground (T)
· Convert (C)
· Delete Unit (Delete)
· Economic Buildings (B)
· Garrison (G)
· Heal (E)
· Military Building (V)
· Pack (P)
· Repair (R)
· Set Gather Point (I)
· Stop (S)
· Unload (L)
· Unpack (U)

Game Commands

· Chat Dialog (Alt + T)
· Diplomacy (Alt + D)
· Display Game Time (F11)
· Display Statistics (F4)
· Display Technology Tree (F2)
· Flare (Alt + F)
· Go to
o Archery Range (Ctrl + A)
o Barracks (Ctrl + B)
o Blacksmith (Ctrl + S)
o Castle (Ctrl + V)
o Dock (Ctrl + D)
o Last Notification (Home) (or Middle Mouse Button)
o Lumber Camp (Ctrl + Z)
o Market (Ctrl + M)
o Mill (Ctrl + I)
o Mining Camp (Ctrl + G)
o Monastery (Ctrl + Y)
o Next Idle Military (,) (comma)
o Next Idle Villager (.) (full stop / period)
o Selected Object (Spacebar)
o Siege Workshop (Ctrl + K)
o Stable (Ctrl + L)
o Town Center (H)
o University (Ctrl + U)
· Mini Map
o Combat Mode (Alt + C)
o Economic Mode (Alt + R)
o Normal Mode (Alt + N)
· Objectives (Alt + O)
· Pause Game (F3)
· Return to Previous View (Backspace)
· Review Chat Messages
o Backward (PageUp)
o Forward (PageDown)
· Save Chapter (F9)
· Save Game (F12)
· Send Chat Message (Enter)
· Slow Down Game (Num - ) (dash / minus sign on the number keypad)
· Speed Up Game (Num + ) (plus sign on the number keypad)
· Toggle Friend or Foe Colors (Alt + G)

Scroll Commands (Use Arrow Keys)
· Scroll
o Down
o Left
o Right
o Up

Villager Build
· Build (B) (hit 'B' first, then one of the following)
o Archery Range (A)
o Barracks (B)
o Blacksmith (S)
o Bombard Tower (J)
o Castle (V)
o Dock (D)
o Farm (F)
o Fish Trap (R)
o Gate (/) (forward slash)
o House (E)
o Lumber Camp (Z)
o Market (M)
o Mill (I)
o Mining Camp (G)
o Monastery (Y)
o More Buildings (X)
o Outpost (Q)
o Palisade Wall (P)
o Siege Workshop (K)
o Stable (L)
o Stone Wall (W)
o Tower (T)
o Town Center (N)
o University (U)
o Wonder (O)

Town Center
· Go Back to Work (W)
· Ring Town Bell (B)
· Create Villager (C)

· Build
o Longboat (G)
o Cannon Galleon (C)
o Demolition Ship (D)
o Fire Ship (R)
o Fishing Ship (F)
o Galley, Galleon (A)
o Trade Cog (T)
o Transport (P)
o Turtle Ship (S)

· Eagle Warrior (G)
· Huskarl (R)
· Militia, Man-at-Arms, etc. (S)
· Spearman, etc. (E)

Archery Range
· Archer, etc. (A)
· Cavalry Archer (C)
· Hand Cannoneer (E)
· Skirmisher (R)

· Camel (C)
· Knight, etc. (N)
· Scout Cavalry, etc. (T)

Siege Workshop
· Ram (R)
· Bombard Cannon (C)
· Mangonel, Onager (A)
· Scorpion (N)

· Missionary (S)
· Monk (T)

· Trade Cart (T)

Military Units
· Aggressive (A)
· Box (W)
· Defensive (D)
· Flank (F)
· Follow (C)
· Guard (X)
· Line (Q)
· No Attack (O)
· Patrol (Z)
· Staggered (E)
· Stand Ground (N)

· Trebuchet (R)
· Unique Unit (T)
· Petard (P)

· Reseed Farm (F)

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