Recorded games from old clan site

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Recorded games from old clan site

Post  Olof on Tue Mar 09, 2010 2:27 pm

Cool 1v3 playing in 4v4 game
Amazing play by one of my allies! Here is a url to the record:

box.net huipuyfb8u

Interesting 4v4 game

This is a interesting 4v4 were I fought against some quite good opponents. Especially one of the enemies, he was mongols and used a combo of Champions + halberdiers + upgraded fast Rams. [Did you know that rams that is garrisoned with champions or halberiders gets faster and more effective?] Despite me and my ally had gundpowdermen and much more, he and his ally was almost unstoppable! Check it out!

Here is the url to the record:

box.net mlvyhyalg5

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